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Key Priorities and DutiesSun, 20th August 2017

Key Priorities and Duties

Key Priorities 2016             

Community Working Group

1.      Continuing improvement and advertising of the website.

2.      Seek improved ways of communication to and from residents.

3.      Community events.

Open Spaces Working Group

1.      Use s106 money to improve the Rec pathway and play equipment

2.      Respond to planning applications as necessary

3.      Benches around the village.

Finance and General Purposes Committee

1.      Agree draft budget and precept changes

2.      Sort out leases

3.      Review policies and make sure (they are) up to date.

Planning Committee

1.      Respond and input into Borough Council’s Local Plan

2.      Respond to planning applications as needed

3.      3. Respond to planning consultations as needed.

Hardingstone Parish Council reviews residents’ concerns during the autumn to help establish future priorities.

Hardingstone Parish Council duties include:

·         Management of Hardingstone Recreation Ground, The Parish Room and its surrounding land, the War Memorial and other land owned by the Parish Council.

·         Review and comment on planning applications within the Parish.

·         Liaise with relevant authorities regarding infrastructure, policing and community issues to represent Hardingstone residents’ views and get the best advantage for the local area.

·         Engage with all interested parties regarding issues affecting the local area.

Councillors are elected every four years. Click here to see current Councillors.

Full Parish Council Meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month in the Parish Room. Residents are positively invited to attend these and can address the Council in Public Time near the beginning of the meeting.

Planning Meetings are advertised and residents can also attend these.