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   Update on Threat Level from the Police    25 May, 2017


“Our communities in Northamptonshire should be reassured that the Force is responding speedily to the tragic events in Manchester less than 48 hours ago and the decision by the Prime Minister to raise the threat level to the UK to critical, meaning a further attack somewhere in the UK is assess to be imminent. 

“At present there is no specific threat to Northamptonshire, but this cannot be discounted. As such, our approach to policing in the wake of the ongoing threat will be to focus on patrolling crowded places, transport hubs and large events.

“You will see heightened levels of visible patrolling, in some cases using overtly armed police officers in the way we did across Northamptonshire in the run-up to Christmas. This is aimed at deterrence and increasing intelligence, reassurance and engagement with the communities we serve.

“The Government has also invoked a national operation called “Temperer”, allowing for military personnel to be deployed alongside police officers to reassure the public and to deter, disrupt and prevent terrorist activity.

“Despite the increase in the threat level of further terrorist attacks in the UK, there are no immediate plans to deploy military personnel onto the streets of Northamptonshire.

“We will also be liaising with the managers of key venues and organisers of public events due to be held in the coming weeks, to ensure proportionate security arrangements are in place to protect the public.

“We are aware that following incidents such as this, there can be an increase in hate crimes within our communities. It is communities that defeat terrorism and over the coming days and weeks we will be reaching out to reassure and strengthen bonds with the many diverse communities we serve. We depend on information from the public, who can be our eyes and ears, in our efforts to keep us all safe.

“We understand that people may be fearful of being targeted as they go about their lives, and I want to reassure you that we do support you, and do want to know about any incident of hate crime that takes place.

We will be monitoring levels of hate crime in Northamptonshire in the coming days to see if there has been any increase in incidents and will work closely with partners to tackle any particular issues that emerge.

“If you have been attacked, threatened, bullied or suffered physical or verbal abuse because of who you are, please report it to us on 101 or via the online reporting site True Vision. You can also report incidents anonymously Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

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